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Pula Car Rental

Pula is well known as the largest city in the entire Istria County, Croatia. It is located at the southern tip of the Istria peninsula. The Pula car rental deal will provide you the car in best condition and pretty clean status. You can drive it long and long because of the availability of the unlimited miles. The Pula car rental services are highly affordable and can be booked online. The different types of travel taxes are also included in the total price of the Pula car rental deal. You are getting all the benefits in one go, in one deal.

Pula- Highlights

Pula is well known and popular for its mile climatic conditions, unspoiled nature and smooth sea. You need to get a Pula car hire service to fulfill your dreams of getting involved into its environment. Well, the city is best known for almost all the surviving ancient Roman buildings. Well, the most popular are the ones that are here since 1st century. We are talking about the amphitheatre which is also listed among the six largest surviving Roman arenas around the globe. In local way, it is called as the Arena. It is one among the excellently preserved amphitheatres from antiquity. You must see it in summer festivals.

There are two more notable and well-preserved ancient Roman structures dating back to the 1st century AD triumphal arch. They are known as the Arch of the Sergii and the co-eval temple of Rome and Augustus. After the city walls, the Twin Gates (Porta Gemina) is one of the few best remaining gates which were actually pulled down at the starting of the 19th century. This place includes the two arches, a plain architrave, a decorated frieze and columns. Rent a car at Pula for better view around. The Gate of Hercules is another wonderful piece to see.

Hire a car at Pula to fulfill your dreams that you have seen for this city.